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Our ever-growing boat and yacht seating recovering and repairs - plus one-off custom jobs

If it can be done - we will try to do it! - Bespoke & One off items

With the amount of years in business, and the reputation we have gained, we have literally been asked to do all sorts of things over the years.   One of our growth areas is leisure upholstery with the growth of glamping, and marine upholstery for yachts and boats.   But people have asked to  do jobs that they don’t seem to be able to get done anywhere else, so when we have a gap, we take them on.   Here is a small selection:

Boats & Yachts - Marine Upholstery

Whether you have a small cabin cruiser going up and down the Shannon, or a Yacht berthed in Howth, we can provide a solution to your seating needs.   This niche service sometimes called marine upholstery, is essentially repairing or re-covering the seats on your boat.   This has proved extremely popular with boat owners, as the only other place to get the seating is the boat manufacturer, and the yacht could have been built in the 1980’s!


As the only place to get replacement seating is the original manufacturer, they have a monopoly, and you will pay through the nose.   Send a photo of what you have and we can tell if it’s possible for your seating to be reupholstered or re-covered.

Unusual shapes:

Essentially, it is the same process as traditional upholstery, so don’t be concerned about odd shapes and sizes.   We are used to doing this with our custom furniture manufacturing.   

Enhanced Resale Value:

A good looking interior is vital to setting an impression.  Reupholstering can make your boat more attractive to potential buyers.   Sell it easier!

Bespoke and One-off - If it can be done...

Every so often, somebody asks us to do jobs that they can’t find anybody else to do!   As you can see from these examples, they are many and varied.   We cannot guarantee that this type of job will be done quickly, as our residential and commercial work takes priority, but sometimes we get a delay waiting on fabric etc. and we can put these jobs through.

In the past we have upholstered:

Vintage Car Seats

Custom Bike Saddles

Private Jet Seats

Church Pews

Cessna Pilot Seat

Barbers Chairs

& so much more…

All you need to do is send us a photo of your item, and tell us your hopes and ideas for it.   We will be delighted to quote you.