Kitchen & Bedroom Upholstery
Quality hand built solutions for comfort and style

Kitchen and Bedroom Furniture Solutions

We are well known for our one off pieces, but for kitchens and bedrooms, we have increasingly become the  ‘go to’ people for kitchen fitters and interior designers.   When people are getting a room makeover done, they generally want a ‘statement piece’, to finish it off. 

When these ‘statement pieces’ are already in place, yes we can recover and refurbish, but most customers get us to create something from new.   Kitchen Fitters will tell us their client has asked for a curved padded area or a window seat.   We measure up, and make it a reality in a choice of fabrics and styles.

Kitchen Furniture, Chairs, Stools

As we have said, we work with everybody, from the general public to kitchen fitters and interior designers.   In a lot of homes nowadays, the kitchen and living room are combined, so adding a ‘matching’ or ‘complimentary’ piece is now possible with Roberts Furniture.

Matching Existing: Recently a customer had a certain colour suite of furniture, so they had us create a corner seating unit in the same colour as the suite!   It made the whole room ‘tie in’.

Re-cover existing: You have a high end kitchen or dining table, that fits in perfectly to your house or apartment.   The seating has become shabby, or you have re-decorated in a different colour.   You can get them re-covered and / or re-upholstered, but this time in a hard wearing fabric.

Kitchen Stools that are actually comfortable: Most modern kitchens in recent years have an ‘island’.   There is also a huge dining table that only gets used when people come to visit.   So… the family tend to use the ‘island’ for 90% of the time.   Quick breakfast, lunchtime snack, coffee with friend that calls over, it is the main place now.   The problem is that most stools that are available in standard shops, are not suitable for sitting on for any length of time.   With correct upholstery and good quality fabric, we can re-cover your existing ones, but we now manufacture our own high quality, long lasting, ultra comfortable kitchen and bar stools in-house.   

Custom Headboards & Bedroom Furniture

Roberts Furniture have been manufacturing bespoke headboards for the general public for many years, but we also cater for the Hotel, B&B, and Guesthouse industry.

Homeowners tend to want a particular shape or size, that they can’t currently get in a standard shop, or in the case of an antique or four poster bed, they want it re-covered.

Our hotel and tourism related customers are more concerned about cleanliness, durability and overall appearance.

There are now a massive range of fabrics we can show you that will provide a solution for whatever you are trying to do including stain resistant fabric.

Our bedroom furniture can be new or re-upholstered, and we specialise in restoring antique bedroom furniture.

Whether you are a residential customer looking for a dressing chair re-covered, or are a corporate hotel group that are giving your premises a makeover, we can cater to your requirements, 

Feel free to contact us for a quote or arrange a visit to your premises.