Repairs & Re-covering
Upholstery Repairs, Re-covering, Re-upholstery & Upcycling

Roberts Furniture are the upholstery repair specialists

Essentially our company has been doing this since 1949.    Luckily, older furniture is usually excellent quality with a good, heavy frame that will stand the test of time.   But that doesn’t mean that it will have to spend the rest of its many years with the same look as always.  Your hand-me-down armchair or sofa, chair, stool, headboard, footstool or blanket box can be reupholstered, reshaped and recovered for a complete transformation and create the piece of furniture your room needs.

Transform a bulky three-seater sofa into a sleek two-seater or slim down an oversize armchair to fit perfectly in the corner of your bedroom.    Choose the fabric, shape, size and style you like and we can do the rest.   We take pride in our work, and 90% of our jobs come from referrals.   From residential to stately homes, we are your upholsterer’s.


Preserving the past - Old made New again!

 Repairing Antique Upholstery

Antique furniture often holds sentimental value and historical significance. Upholstery repairs for antiques require a delicate touch to maintain authenticity while ensuring structural integrity. Our skilled craftsmen use traditional techniques and materials to revive the beauty of these timeless pieces. From re-stitching seams to replacing worn-out padding, each step is crucial to preserving the charm and character of antique furniture.

Choosing the Right Materials: Quality Matters

Selecting the right materials is crucial for successful upholstery repairs. Fabrics should complement the style of the furniture while being durable and easy to clean. When you arrange a visit, we have a massive range of fabric to show you, in a variety of styles and specialist fabric types.  

Upcycling and creating modern out of old.

There is absolutely nothing more satisfying, then a customer handing us a piece of furniture that nobody in the family actually wants, and turning it into something so nice, that they will be arguing who owns it for years!

You can see from the limited range of photos that we have here, that the pieces, if they were good quality to begin with, are worth saving, and using again.   Our team that work here get great job satisfaction also, as it is a different job every day.  

One minute you are doing a queen anne chair, or a chesterfield suite, the next thing you’re doing the upholstery for a restaurant or hotel who are undergoing a revamp, in either modern or antique style fabric.

Feel free to contact us for a quote or arrange a visit to your premises.