Commercial Upholstery
Everything from hotel, bar, & restaurant makeovers, to sourcing fabric in corporate colours for their canteen!
Commercial Upholstery
Everything from hotel, bar, & lobby makeovers, to sourcing fabric in corporate colours for their canteen!

Commercial Upholstery Solutions

Since coming out of Covid, hotels have had to raise their prices, but also they have had to raise their game, and provide a more luxury offering to justify this price hike.   In the last 2 years this has been our growth area, working directly with the hotel and tourism sector, but also through buyers and intermediarys on a clients behalf.

When we work with interior designers, we follow their brief, produce the goods, and sometimes we never know where the piece is going due to confidentiality reasons.  This sector is changing, and customer fabric choices are now 50% traditional and 50% modern with very little in between.   Here are some samples of what we can do for you.

Hotel Lobby / Lounge Area

This is the first place your customers see.   It either invites you in, or makes you turn around!   It is usually where people will sit and chat, or in modern times, sit and do a days work!   Either way you want it to be comfortable and set the right first impression for your visitors.

Re-covering: You would be amazed at how re-covering the main furniture in the lobby in a different colour and fabric, can completely change the ambience and general look of the place.

Use existing if you can: If you have a high end or castle hotel, then the chances are that the furniture was made by craftsmen, that would cost you a small fortune today to find another.   We strip it, check for unseen damage, fix it and re-upholster it with your choice of our stunning fabrics.

For hotel furniture, use specialist fabric: We have a couple of specialist type fabric that can minimise dirt and drink spill damage, with an example being Aquadry.   If you get a liquid spill on the furniture, the special fabric is resistant to staining, and it generally comes off by dabbing with some kitchen towel.   We also have a material called Leatheron that looks like leather, feels like leather, but is not like a cheap vinyl covering you would see elsewhere.   You want your investment to last.   You will want a team you can call on if there is a tear or need a repair.   Well ‘other’ companies have not been providing backup service to their clients since 1949, and we have no plans of going anywhere yet!    

Bar and Restaurant Upholstery

With overheads running high, it makes sense to reupholster rather than buy new.  Reupholstering your bar and restaurant furniture can offer numerous benefits, ranging from the obvious cost-effectiveness, to making it look new again.

Cost Savings:

Reupholstering is often more cost-effective than completely replacing furniture.  High-quality commercial-grade furniture can be expensive, and re-upholstery or re-covering allows establishments to extend the life of their existing furniture at a fraction of the cost.

Customisation and a ‘fresh look’:

Reupholstering provides an opportunity to update and refresh the aesthetic appeal of the furniture. Establishments can choose new fabrics, colors, and patterns to align with evolving design trends, new themes, or a refreshed brand identity.

Quick Turnaround:

Reupholstering is generally a faster process than ordering and waiting for new furniture to be manufactured and delivered. This minimizes downtime for the business, allowing it to remain open without a prolonged interruption.

Hotel Private Dining Room / Afternoon Tea

This is an area that has seen large growth over the recent years.   Hotels offering private dining rooms, or ‘special’ areas for Afternoon Tea.

Elegant theme: It is very easy for a hotel to have a disused room, and decorate it in an elegant theme, for small parties, and private dining experiences.   Our range of fabrics can change a tired old dining set into something that represents quality and finesse, every good restaurants goal.

Small Parties: People are having family get togethers, birthdays, anniversaries, and even weddings in smaller groups now, and this type of setup can cater for that.   Simply by re-covering a tired old dining table and chairs, can turn a room that has not been ‘earning it’s keep’ into something profit making.

Afternoon Tea: Everybody loves being brought out for afternoon tea.   As you can see from our examples, it is not hard to create an elegant space, using quality fabric and upholstery.   Again we see a growth in disused rooms being setup for this type of setup, and at the end of the day, you want to give the customer the feeling that they have had an ‘experience’, rather than just a ‘visit’ to your hotel.

Business Breakfast Meetings: The possibilities are endless simply by setting up a small room, with some quality furniture and matching it to your hotel theme.

Corporate / Canteen Area

Roberts Furniture have been upholstering and re-upholstering office and canteen furniture for many years.   The only difference over the years has been the colours used!   From dark brown’s in Arnott’s canteen in the 1970’s, to a deep red in Eir’s new headquarters at Heuston Station.   But every colour has come back around, so we will continue to keep as many shades in stock as possible!

Colours:   We have done several corporate offices and canteens over the years, and the latest thing we are asked for is to have the canteen upholstered in the corporate colours of the company.   Apparently this keeps people in ‘semi work mode’ while they are on their break!   The one thing the large corporates insist on however is comfort, so it really is a ‘work, rest, and play’ scenario, in the thinking behind modern canteen upholstery!

Hot Desks and Shared Work Areas:   When Roberts Furniture started in 1949, there wasn’t even such thing as a computer, never mind remote working and having one desk in the office that could potentially be used by seven people during the week, as they’re ‘only in’ for one day!   When furniture is being used in this tough way, it has to be comfortable, hard-wearing, and hygienic.   Ask us about our speciality fabrics and coverings for this type of use.

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